Sunday, December 29, 2013

Treasure Hunting in The Urban Forest

Treasure Hunting in the Urban Forest
Recently I went exploring in the forest along the Cheasty greenspace.  This patch of the forest lies directly across the street from the Jefferson Park Golf Course and next to Columbia Way and New Holly .  There are lots of bird species and other animals. I've encountered wrens, jays, pileated woodpeckers, and a barred owl.  I've also seen evidence of bobcat and other mammals. It is a great place to escape the city stress, I rarely encounter other people.  It is clear however that volunteers are currently taking out the invasive plants that have taken over.  On a recent walk through the forest  I encountered many pieces of art blending into the environment.  There were many drawings rendered in chalk and charcoal along with numerous sculptures.
Cheasty Forest

forest hermit
screech owl

the trees have eyes
forest guardian
marked tree
owl snag
owl snag detail
perched owl
rock face

leaf works
owl in stump
Sometimes art is there to stimulate our environment.  It attempts to add human mystery to the mystery of nature.  The impermanence of charcoal allows it to naturally disintegrate with a passing rain or wipe of hand.  The ceramics will too fall apart in time, they may however get buried as an artifact or become someone's treasure.  In the forest all is fair game and these pieces are left to the forces of nature and the elements.

Visions of Old Pasco

Visions of Old Pasco

This summer I had an opportunity to visit Pasco, Washington the town where I was born. Pasco lies at the junction of the Columbia and Snake Rivers and has a large railroad terminus, historic bridges and terrific parks.  I have always been intrigued by the downtown core, a wild mix of buildings and businesses built over the last century. The old downtown was built next to the old Northern Pacific Railroad track and depot.  Many buildings are empty and are for sale or rent. Some of them appear to be abandoned altogether.  There are many warehouses, restaurants, small groceries, and other businesses that do continue to thrive near here along with a weekend farmer's market and an outstanding Good Will store.   These photos are meant to capture the beauty and mystery that surrounds these old buildings and I took them with the hope of eventually turning them into paintings. I love capturing buildings in their natural state as a testament to their history. The great thing about Pasco in the summer is that there is most likely going to be nice weather.  Starting out early is a great idea to beat the summer heat and to capture the intense blue of the skies. 
All photos copyright Aaron Murray 2013 


Depot Lunch

New Homes 
New Homes detail

Railroad Museum


abandoned warehouse




Northern Pacific Bridge

Pond Generator

Red Ants

Kids Pond

For Rent


ACME Machine & Welding

ACME detail


Daily Donuts

Stephanie's Boutique

Western Wear



For Rent/ For Sale




auto shop

garage door

Alley way

Karate Shop