Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aaron's Intuitive Garden Update

These pictures are an update of my garden.  This year I added some new sculptures and plants. The garden features several different salad greens, an abundance of rhubarb, 4 different kinds of berries, and a lot of potato plants. I used food and yard waste as compost, and various found sea weeds as fertilizer.  So far most of the plants are doing well because of a great combination of sun and rain.  The images below are a little compressed due to format.

This is the potato bed.  I planted potatoes from eyes I pulled off of old  potatoes and from potatoes that my father grew down in Pasco.  Some are red, others are white, and the ones from Pasco are bakers.

Some flowers add color to the garden.  The California Orange Poppies are a favorite of Kate's, The purple flowers in the background are yearly arrivals from our chive patch, and the pink flowers are weeds that were among a patch pof seaweed that I put on the garden bed.

This year the Irises were large and plentiful.

The yellow flowers are Mizuna, or Mustard Greens, to the left are strawberries.

This year I split my Rhubarb into two plants.  People sometimes wonder how to eat it.  I like to grind it up in smoothie mixes or cook it with my potatoes for breakfast. Sometimes I even chop it up like celery and throw it in a salad-- stalks only, of course!

Some areas of the garden feature sculptures, this plaza like area has several.  This area now features  a wooden bench and a small table(not pictured)

This sandstone owl was carved out of stone that I found at Lake Ray Roberts in Denton County Texas.   The backside of the sculpture has moss growing on it.

I bordered the center patch of the garden with found bricks, tiles, rocks, and bricks I made myself.  They make an interesting mosaic.   They also support beds for growing beets, onion, garlic, leeks,  beans, squash, peas, and corn.

This cement squirrel was given to me from my grandparents garden in Tacoma.  It sits among the strawberry patch on a basalt pillar known as a "dragon bone"

I carved this soapstone sculpture several years ago.  He is surrounded by a cement slab and oyster shells.  Behind it lies the sculpture of a tree supporting raspberries, several potato plants, and more garlic and beets.

I call this the wood patch, it has driftwood, burls, and woody shelf fungus.  A pea plant and garlic lie nearby.

This is a detail of the wood patch that also has hollow stones and other details.

This ceramic building has a copper roof.   There are some small people on the inside.   It sits next to some snap peas and more raspberries.

Another building, this one with a rusty metal roof.  A buffalo sculpture and a worm are also there.

Another industrial style building.  This one was raku fired.  

Gun Bunny helps to support the hops and blackberries

This is a still life of three of my sculptures made from wood, stone, and clay

I call this the Monkey Sphinx.  

This is a bronze sculpture I made at Pratt during my PONCHO residency.  It has maintained its patina pretty well.   Beets and Chard in fore and background.

This is a basalt stone that I found in Central Washington, it has colorful lichens  covering it.   

This is a red oak tree that I planted from an acorn that I found in the Naaman Forest in Garland, TX.  When I was a kid I used to explore the creeks and the forests.   During my last visit to Texas in 2009, I returned to the forest, found some rather large acorns, and brought them home.

I still have lots of owls and other things I am carving when I have time.  These are works in progress.

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