Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Campfires and the window to the soul

There is something about a fire that opens the window to our souls. I think that is how ancient shamans were able to project their myths and entrance their friends in ritual mysticism. For staring into a fire can make one suddenly hypnotized, like the deer surprised by headlights.
Enter the television, and we can see it work the magic of fire. We stare and are hypnotized to believe the corporate myths that tell us what to buy and think. We are led to believe in it's warmth and that it will protect us from terrorizing beasts--like a fire would in the night. We have been led to believe that fire is bad and only popular entertainment matters, and if you didn't watch last nights episode or game you are three steps behind the rest of us.
It times not so long ago, the fire could be the sole source of heat, light, and conversation. The topics could be broad enough to outlast fallen embers, and sustain themselves through mid night dreamings. The warmth would rekindle at first rising and sustained throughout the winter. The light flickering to the shadows' crawl.
Today, in 20 second blips, and propagandic blurbs, on shortened episodes with consant ticker tape update we find ourselves lost in confusion. There is too much information that does not relate to our daily lives, only meant to mitigate outsourcing ourselves into oblivion.

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