Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Stuff

Today is beautiful. I've been making giraffes in my back yard. I am driving to Kirkland in a while to teach two classes at the Kirkland Art Center. The Wheel World for Teens and Clay 101 for adults. I also get to pick up some things from the glaze firing.
Yesterday I fired 9 pegiracorns, I also made some bears riding giraffe sculptures plus a bunch of skulls. I even made a unicorn skull. These were all made out of recycled clay, so I am eager to see if they survive the firing--often the recycled clay contain foreign objects(like bits of wood) which make things explode......I also trimmed 12 wheel thrown pots and glazed a couple small sculptures. Where I teach, at Alki beach on Mon- Wed. , is right off the water. I get a perfect unobstructed view of the Olympic Mountains, along with tugboats and ferries passing buy, diving osprey chased by seagulls and even an occasional seal pup slouching on the sands down below.

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