Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beer 40: Art Show and Birthday

Well I'm turning 40 and am celebrating with an art show at Schooner Exact Brewery. The show is all about beer. I made over 100 beer cans with unique titles, beer bottles with and without labels, a bottle cap collection, beer mugs, paintings of beer bottles, and painted beer can cards and post cards. The cans are each unique and are grouped according to the method I used to fire them. Some have ceramic decals, china paint, gold and white gold lusters. Others are gas fired, raku, or are fired in an electric kiln. I am displaying them on top of old cardboard beer boxes. I already sold one can-- "Lil Tug " and am looking forward to this coming Friday when I have my opening/birthday celebration.
Also, since we closed Nancy, I've just been readjusting to a new schedule. Fortunately the closure has allowed me to start an Etsy shop and to spend more time on making art. In addition to the Beer themed stuff I have also been painting a series called "Urban Decay" which is mostly paintings of grungy old buildings, graffiti, and warehouses. I have also launched a line of owl pendants with sparkling gold lusters (sold at Fancy). I am also making sculpture of "concert kids", a series of figurines depicting people in rock concert t-shirts and similar attire. I hope to make a crowd of these and have them in front of a cramic rock band on stage. They are the rock'n roll version of my cowboys....

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