Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Paintings October to December 2014

These paintings were made from October to December 2014, as an evening exercise.   I painted with watercolor, ink, and gouache on different paper surfaces.  Many of the paintings are based on photos taken by the artist at various locations.  Others are entirely made up.  

Duwamish Channel, watercolor on paper 4 x 6"  

Snake River Mill, watercolor on paper 4 x 6 "
Snake River Mill, watercolor and ink

1st Ave Bridge , ink on paper

Sodo vision, ink on paper
Hillside, sumi ink on paper

Salvage Yard, watercolor and ink on paper
Megler Bridge, Astoria, Oregon.  Watercolor on paper.  This was my 1st attempt. The paintings was based on a photo taken by Kate in our car in the dark and rain.

Megler Bridge, watercolor and ink on paper.  This was my second attempt at the painting.  The buildings in the foreground seem to have more light and energy than the first.  Though I am not as fond of the bridge.  The lower left diagonal line was from the window frame in our car.

Steam Plant, watercolor and ink on paper.

The Abandoned Shop was a derelict building that I discovered in East Pasco, WA.  I painted it from a few different angles in preparation for a version in acrylic.

Abandoned Shop, watercolor on paper

Abandoned Shop, watercolor and ink in progress

Abandoned Shop, same painting as above a little further along.

Abandoned Shop Left Side

One more version

Here the scrapyard is painted as a mirrored image, a forward and reverse on opposite pages.  I like painting an image multiple times to capture different aspects of a scene.  

Oso watercolor on paper . postcard sized.  This painting was made from a photo I took of the Oso mudslide.  The mudslide tore away the entire side of a mountain engulfing the small community of Oso.  Many of the residents were trapped in their houses and buried alive.
Duwamish River, watercolor on paper 8 3/4" x 15"  This is another version of the Duwamish painting near the West Seattle Bridge.  As I worked larger, i tried to paint looser.  The larger brush strokes leave more to the imagination.

Ash Grove Cement Plant, ink and watercolor on silk tissue.   Also featured: palette and brush

Where is Thrasher's Corner?  Near Everett, I guess.  I don't usually borrow pictures from the internet, but in this case I couldn't help myself.  This was made with a sumi ink brush pen.

Shady Acres Sumi ink brush on paper. This place exists only in my mind.

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