Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sauk river walk

Yesterday I took a day for myself and drove up to the Sauk River to walk along one of my favorite trails.  I was hoping to find some Lobster Mushrooms, since I had found one there before.  I like these trips into nature because it makes me look at the world a little closer.

I was alone, except for passing a couple of other hikers.
This fell as it is.  Nature's art.
This fungi was either sweaty or was oozing some sort of fluid.
Each leaf is as unique as a grain of sand.
....and in the days ahead this leaf will not look the same.
There were a lot of other mushrooms, I wasn't sure if hey were edible or not.  They are neat to look at though.

The sun shines through the trees the bough extends to the beams
mystery object

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