Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art and the Critical Miss

I keep thinking there is something missing. Is it the scale? the color? the style?
Is the subject over played, re-hashed a thousand times on somebody else's canvas? Haven't I seen this piece before, in a coffee house, near the gum wall? What am I looking for, exactly?
I know --nobody can afford it and what's there--is. I have tried to look at art and I've looked really hard at a lot of it and what I can say is What's it for? I know--like I should talk, the creator of "tawdry baubles," the miniature has been. I think the same thing about my own art----Trust Me. What am I doing it for? Because I love to too
I wish there was a voice that would come and tell me exactly what I should make and when and for who, but it ain't that easy. I'd probably be labeled a schizo if I did so, anyhow. Although I do get feedback from people about my art on a regular basis, mostly what I hear are nice remarks.......but that is where the miss comes in. I could use some real criticism, for someone to tell me that I could improve here or there, some honest critical feedback. I think a lot of us could use that as artists. Go ahead .....tell me what you really think.

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