Monday, October 18, 2010

New Developments

  I'm at home today until about 3:30 trying to get stuff done.  I've been making a bunch of new owl pendants made from porcelain for Fancy.  I also sculpted some mini owls out of egyptian paste (blue), some porcelain ornaments and a few other things.  I've been preparing for another pit fire by making a large variety of "primitive" heads and coil built skulls  the last few weeks.  I am also in the process of making 4 wood carved owls.  I might display them at Secret Garden Bookshop in Ballard at some point.   
   Another project I've been working on long term is for a show I hope to call 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.  The show will include a large ceramic beer can collection, paintings of various beer bottles Warhol style,   some paintings of local bar scenes, beer coasters, posters, and other beer related schwag.    
   Today is usually Card Monday,  but Kate and I made about 200 cards for Nancy in the last couple weeks, so no cards today.   

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This is kind of an old "New Development."