Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Painting at Lake Chelan

In the last week of September, we had a fabulous 4 day stay at a resort off lake Chelan in the town of Manson.  We had stunning views, sunny weather, and no breeze.  It was ideal for painting. Kate and I brought along our watercolors and sat on the back porch and painted each day. 
Our interpretation of the view from the back porch of our loft. Kate's painting on right, mine's on the left.  Watercolor on paper 16 x 20 inches

First I layered on different washes of ochre, green gold, and blues.Then I went in to try and detail the vegetation, roads, houses, etc.

View from the back porch

I made a series of small paintings on blocks of wood.  I used a watercolor ground on the wood so that the watercolor could stick.  These are the same views repeated over the course of several days.

This is watercolor on paper 4 x 6 inches. Pond

View of the Pond

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